I work on maintaining Clojure with Rich Hickey, Stuart Halloway, and all the other fine Clojurists at Cognitect. A lot of what I do day to day involves reviewing incoming tickets and patches for Clojure or working on new features or enhancements.

Most of this work involves deeply understanding the code base for Clojure itself and I created this blog to record my own thoughts, both for my own memories and because this might be of use to others wishing to understand how Clojure works from the inside.

Disclaimer: Any thoughts or opinions expressed in this blog are mine, not official statements by Cognitect about Clojure.

Clojure Applied

If you’d like to hear more, Ben Vandgrift and I wrote a Clojure book and you might enjoy it:

Contact me

If you have question or a comment, please drop me a line on Twitter or by email. I will update the post in the case of errors or other useful information.

If you have a topic you’d like me to cover, feel free to ask. I will not always want or be able to write on it, but I’m happy to consider it.

Thanks for reading!

Alex Miller