Journal 2020.3 - 1.0 libs, survey, brew tap

February was here and gone in a flash it seems and it has been a blur of activity. I’ve written several interim posts, so I’m not going to go into a ton of detail, but I have a long list of things that have been in work:

1.0 libs

Per the 1.0 post we decided to be a little more aggressive on our versioning in Clojure contrib libs and many commonly used contrib libs have now been updated to 1.0+. In the process of doing that work, I made a digram, which might be helpful (it’s probably not completely up date as things have been changing). Everything in green has been updated to 1.0+:

contrib libs

Clojure survey

I posted:

Thanks to everyone for participating in the survey! See you next year… :)

Clojure homebrew tap

We had been evaluating whether it made sense to make our own Clojure Homebrew tap, but some recent changes to our formula there pushed us into it more urgently. See:


As I’ve mentioned a few times before, Rich Hickey has been working on a paper for the HOPL 4 conference and I’ve been doing some additional data analysis for him and reviewing it. It’s great! Can’t wait for it to be finished and available for everyone. Also, they posted the HOPL paper list, looks interesting.


Also, many other things, including some Clojure 1.11 stuff…

  • Spec 2 - fixed a bug in s/def expansion - thanks Ambrose for finding that!
  • CLJ-1472 - Graal issue with locking - have been evaluating
  • Startup time - have been enumerating use cases and looking at options. Probably some more on this next week
  • - shh, top secret

Other stuff I enjoyed this week

So many new and interesting musical things I heard, but here’s a few:

  • Clean Kill by Coriky - a new song from a new Ian MacKaye band made me so happy. Ian of course from Minor Threat, The Evens, Fugazi, etc and also features Amy Farina, also from The Evens, and Joe Lally from Fugazi. Can’t wait for the album to drop.
  • Joy Joy by Kinga Głyk - happy bass fun, and yeah it grooves
  • Colors and Fire by Black Pumas - so great
  • Rome by Dojo Cuts - kick back and chill to this one, also check out the whole Tomorrow’s Gonna Come album
  • The Death of Us by Theo Katzman - you did’t think I’d let this slip by, did you? Theo Katzman, also of Vulfpeck has a killer new album out and they will be hitting my town next week. CANNOT WAIT!
Written on February 28, 2020