Journal 2020.2 - s3 transporter, survey

Happy new year!

clj s3 transporter

I spent a good chunk of the last two weeks wrapping up and releasing the new S3 transporter for tools.deps/clj (supporting access to public and private S3 repos). The S3 transporter now uses a new implementation of the Maven resolver transporter API based on the cognitect aws-api.

The old version used the transporter-wagon adapter, the unmaintained spring s3 wagon, and the AWS Java SDK. Those relatively heavy-weight deps have been happily dropped on the floor, and all other deps were bumped as well. Support for some newer AWS credential sources may be better, particularly when running on AWS.

s3 buckets are inherently region-based. The old s3 wagon, and the new implementation, will attempt to determine a bucket’s region to properly access it. In cases where that doesn’t succeed, the new s3 transporter can explicitly set the s3 bucket region in your deps.edn like {:mvn/repos {:url “<s3://bucket/path?region=us-east-1>”}} - this is a feature of this transporter, not a general AWS thing.

The intention here is that any existing use of an s3 maven repo should continue to work as it did before. If you find that not to be the case, please let me know! It has been tested in a number of configurations by several people, but you know how it goes.

Also, in the latest clj, clj -h will tell you the version on the first line of the help, which had been requested.

Clojure survey

The 2020 State of Clojure Survey has been open for the last couple weeks and is now officially closed, but still accepting responses until Monday if you missed it somehow. We will start poring over the results and hope to have a write up and the full results released in a couple weeks.


Lots of other tidbits this week:

  • Rich Hickey’s paper on the History of Clojure was accepted to the HOPL IV conference in London in June 2020. Several of us are planning to attend and we hope to connect with the London Clojure community while we’re there - details very TBD! I’ve been helping Rich with some of the data for the paper this week.
  • Added a page about clj on brew to the web site, with help on switching to an older version if you need to do that for some reason. Also looking at some ideas about ways to better provide advance “dev” versions of clj, perhaps from our own tap.
  • Fixed a few issues in tools.deps related to the depedency updates around the s3 transporter.
  • Starting to refresh some stuff for future Clojure work again.
  • Working on odds and ends for spec 2, bigger stuff coming.

Other stuff I enjoyed this week

I’m a long time Pearl Jam fan, and their new single from the forthcoming album goes in a much different direction, calling forth some Talking Heads maybe?!? I dig the track, although it sounds like it has a drum machine instead of Matt Cameron. I’ve seen references online that it’s actually not, but have not seen anything definitive. Anyway, can’t wait to hear the rest of the album and see them on the tour!

Written on January 24, 2020