Journal 2019.18 - Clojure 1.10.1 work, clojure dev

Clojure 1.10.1 work

Stu screened and I updated CLJ-2504 headed for a 1.10.1-beta3. That probably won’t happen till early next week due to travel. This ticket is mostly cleanup on the new error reporting in clojure.main config, in particular allowing it to be configured by either Java system properties or clojure.main flags. Supporting a Java property means that external tools like Leiningen can immediately configure the behavior without knowing about the new clojure.main flags.

Clojure dev

I spent some time last week writing a new contributing starting page with links into all the other content that has been migrated over from the old wiki. This page replaces a page that was previously at the same link but focused primarily on the Contributor Agreement. The prior page content can now be found at instead.

The major caveat here is that the new page docuemnts things as they exist at this moment. I am actively working on “what’s next”. For many years, Jira (and Confluence) have been supported by Contegix (for hosting) and Atlassian (for licenses). We are very thankful for everything both companies have done for Clojure!

One primary need is moving the existing Jira system into a hosted cloud version so we can get off of the very old version we’re currently on. This migration effort is well under way, licensing has been resolved, and I’ve done some test loads that look pretty good. Doing lots of fine-tuning before we’re ready for the big move.

Another aspect we’ve been looking at is how to better reflect the differences between users (who might need to file issues or suggest enhancements) and developers (who are writing patches, editing tickets, etc). There are thousands of current “users” in the existing jira system but most of those users have no activity, or created one issue, or commented once or twice. Of those, only about 600 have actually worked on tickets. Lots of thinking and evaluation going on in how to best reflect this in our processes so that it’s easier for users to file tickets (shouldn’t need an account, signed CA, etc).

Closed spec checking

I don’t have anything visible yet, but I’m working on an overhaul of this on a local branch, hope to have something out there next week.

Other stuff I enjoyed this week…

This week’s work brought to you courtesy of Fugazi’s Repeater album.

Written on May 8, 2019