Journal 2019.17 - confluence, jira, closed specs

Clojure Confluence

We’ve been using a Clojure Confluence wiki (graciously provided by Contegix) for a long time. However, it has not been actively used in quite some time and the older version of this software is quite difficult to migrate and of less use to us than in the past. The newer clojure-site infrastructure has made it easier to accept contributions and extend the main site for most of the things it was used for in the past.

This week I’ve taken steps to either migrate the remaining bits of content to, or to archive the “design” wiki which recorded a lot of older design thoughts and decisions. There are some new pages out on the web site and some new sections to existing pages, all of which are content migrated from the old “contributing” area. In particular these pages either have updates or are new:

Additionally, the design wiki has been archived to a static copy of the pages at Design Wiki Archive. This is primarily for historical interest, but if you have any links into the old site at, please update them as links into this site instead. All links on and have been updated.

Clojure JIRA

Additionally, it has been a long-standing issue that the Clojure JIRA is also on an ancient version (long provided by Contegix, many thanks to them). I did significant work this week on migrating this into a recent cloud version of JIRA. This is not my first stab at this, spent a couple (unsuccessful) weeks on it in the past, but things look promising this time. Stay tuned on this as that migration will require more of existing users.

Closed spec checking

Last week I gave a rundown of a new closed spec checking API. Based on feedback from that and another round of design work with Rich, it’s likely that’s going to change significantly. I am still in the process of assessing a few things and have not started working on the impl changes, so I’ll refrain from more details at the moment.

Clojure/conj 2019

We announced “save the date” info for Clojure/conj 2019 this week! The Conj will return to Durham, NC this year from Nov 21-23. We look forward to seeing you there!

Other stuff I enjoyed this week…

I enjoyed this tune Miracle by Caravan Palace this week. Also, I liked a lot of the new Fearless Flyers album dribbling out this week (Fearless Flyers have several Vulfpeck members in it).

Written on April 28, 2019